Mayan Prophecy & the Nine Waves of Creation

What were the Mayans' predictions of our destiny? And, how can the Mayan calendar be used to predict humanity's path of evolution?

Carl Johan Calleman, a Swedish biologist, author, and lecturer, sheds light on the Mayan calendar's insights and their impact on human consciousness and global events. He postulates that Mayans' predictions are encapsulated in his Nine Waves of Creation theory, symbolizing stages of evolution and consciousness in the universe.

He proposes that in 2019, humanity embarked upon the ninth and ultimate wave, known as the Universal Wave Phase. This phase symbolizes our potential to embrace unity consciousness and a profound understanding of interconnectedness.

Calleman interprets the Mayan calendar spiritually, proposing it as a tool for understanding cosmic and human evolution. The Nine Waves of Creation model, rooted in quantum physics, offers insights into Earth's changing eras and potential futures.

Host: George Noory
Featuring: Carl Johan Calleman
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English