Awakening The Conscious Ego

Which species had the most influence on human design? In episode 8, we will uncover how the leap in human evolution created a vehicle for humans to transcend the 3rd dimension. Offering a deeper understanding of the geometric design of the 6th dimension, Matias illuminates how “humans took a different path in geometry,” which led to the evolution of consciousness in humanity. Humans “could recognize themselves and say, for the first time, ‘I am.’” With powerful influences from the Confederation and species such as Alithir, Arcturians, and Annunaki, humanity's illusion of separation (also known as the Ego) began to quickly evolve. Matias walks us through the three evolutionary phases of ego consciousness, reminds us how these evolutionary patterns influence 3rd dimensional reality, and helps us understand the vital empowerment of Awakening the Conscious Ego.

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French, German