Unifying Body, Soul & Spirit

Why is the use of trinity in portals important to unite the body, soul, and spirit? According to host and guide Matias De Stefano, “the universe is built in three spectrums. The one that is projecting through the mind, the one that creates the ideas and energy to be seen, and the one that is projecting and lives physically. We call these the Body, Soul and Spirit”

Matias explains these are not three different things, rather three different processes of the same being, experiencing the same energy as different aspects of itself throughout time. “This is the process of Trinity, which is the vibration creating energy in order to create matter.” In the 3rd dimension, “the Zodiac is like a key to understand what will happen, what has happened, and who we are right now.” With a deeper understanding of this cosmic key, we discover how the constellation trinities of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air work together like a clock to instruct the spiritual mind when to be Body, Soul and Spirit, as well as governing how Empires rise and fall.

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French, German