The Confederation & Divine Evolution

Why did the Confederation choose to make humans into Gods? According to host and guide Matias De Stefano, “Making humans into Gods, as we did in other planets in different constellations, was to bring information from every constellation to awaken the potential that we have in our DNA. This allows us to receive information from different dimensions.”

Matias explains some species left the Confederation when humans were taught how to become gods, but certain species such as Pleiadians and Arcturians are connected to third dimensional beings to help awaken their divinity. Just as seeds contain the same potential for growth as the original tree that created them, Matias says divine consciousness is the same. “Every being in the constellations has to go to those planets and seed the seeds of this information. They became the fruits, the flowers of this big tree of life in the universe.” With a deeper understanding of the influence from our Ancestors in the Confederation, Matias illuminates the power humanity has within and how we must harness this potential to take our place in the Confederation.

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French, German