Tapping for Stress & Worry

Stress is a condition that is having profound effects on us as individuals and on greater society. It has been suggested that stress may even be the mental health epidemic of the 21st Century. Much of the scientific research behind tapping has examined stress, depression, and PTSD, and the immediate results have been profound. In our first script, Dr. Peta Stapleton shows you how tapping can be used in moments of heightened stress, and to work through any mental health issues triggered by stress.

In this lesson you will discover:

  • Why Tapping has such a profound effect on both short-term and long-term stress.
  • How this modality has changed the lives of those living with anxiety.
  • Simple scripts you can use to alleviate stress and worry in a matter of minutes.
Host: Dr. Peta Stapleton
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English