The Stress Epidemic with Rod Stryker

With our email inboxes flooded, our eyes wide-open at night, and the constant buzz and beep of social media notifications, it’s no wonder that stress levels, sleep dysfunction, and mental illness are more prevalent in society than ever. In this conversation with world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher Rod Stryker, we will discuss the effects that technology has had on our physiology and mental health and learn techniques to nourish ourselves and create balance amidst the pressures of modern life. We will focus on the practice of yoga nidra meditation, or “enlightened yogic sleep,” as an accessible way to enter into a state of both deep relaxation and heightened presence. For the last ten-minutes of this class, experience the benefits of yoga nidra for yourself with this guided meditation led by Rod.

Featuring: Rod Stryker
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English