The Invisible Extinction

Two globetrotting microbiologists, Gloria Dominguez-Bello and Marty Blaser, race to save our vanishing microbes... before it's too late. Three patients, in the USA and China, who suffer from life-threatening diseases triggered by microbial loss are trying experimental treatments that hold hope. As the pandemic hits, Marty pivots to focus on how our microbes may help protect us from the virus and future pandemics, while Gloria spearheads the creation of an international microbe vault to safeguard precious specimens. Their urgent quest from the USA to Venezuela, China, Israel, and Switzerland, shows how the overuse of antibiotics, elective C-sections, and processed foods are driving the destruction of our inner ecology, even faster than climate change.

Featuring: Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, Martin Blaser, The Villagers of Kanarakuni, Jitakwaña, & Surukuma, Genia Blaser Theresa, Roger, Aryana Dalomba, & Tatyana Phillips, Eran, Shira, Yoav, & Tamar Segal Eran, Hila, & Inbal Elinav, Cameron, Brian, Libby, & Sophia Corcoran, Talal Chatila, Amy Thieringer, Adriana Pericchi Dominguez, Elizabeth Hohmann, Elaine Yu, Alicia Cole, Lan Canhui, You Xin, Lin Xhi Wei & Liu Xintong (Tongtong), Zang Zining (Ningning), Li Li, Zang Hong Lun, & Zang Zi Tong, Jia Shu Qin, Manuel Fankhauser
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish