The Upper Room

Paul Selig is a renowned spiritual channel and award-winning author of I AM the Word and other channeled books that outline a program for personal and planetary evolution of consciousness. Selig shares channeled wisdom with you, plus attunements and activations that introduce you to the frequency of the Word, which can be described as the energy of “God in action.”

Your true potential is inexorably linked to the wellbeing of the planet. Now is the perfect time to:

  • Become attuned to a higher frequency that you can feel and trust.
  • Free yourself from patterns of limitation and fear.
  • Achieve new levels of alignment, healing, and life purpose.
  • Acquire tools to access your divine nature and transform your life.
  • Feel supported as you move to the next level of your spiritual evolution.
Featuring: Paul Selig
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English