For Those Days When You Just Hit A Wall


Bring your mat to the wall and play in this advanced practice with Andrea Marcum! You’ll need to move the sharp objects and expensive vases away for this one. This fun practice is great for those days when you’ve hit a wall and just need a different vantage point. You can adjust the modifications to make it more moderate or pretty sassy, and you can opt in or out of the suggested inversions. I hope you enjoy it!

Contraindications: Please be VERY careful coming in and out of the King Arthur stretch against the wall, and feel free to substitute a low lunge away from the wall if your knees don’t like the wall version. We’re not all designed the same, and we have to respect where our body tells us not to go. Also you are welcome to skip some of the sun salutations at the very beginning. There are many, and some of you will be happy about all of them whereas others of you might prefer fewer and/or slower, so set your own pace.

Props: 2 blocks, a wall, a cushion or pillow

Featuring music by Zamir Dhanji and Steven Samler