Understanding and Healing Trauma with Dawson Church
Transcendence Expert Lessons with Dawson Church

Have you always wanted to develop a deeper understanding of your trauma? Why does it manifest in your body in a certain way? What steps can you take to heal? In this Masterclass lesson, Dawson Church, PhD, award-winning author and epigenetic researcher, explores the development of trauma in the brain and why certain techniques work better than others. In the hundreds of kinds of therapy, the best kind is the one that works for you.

In this exclusive extended interview, you will learn:

— The two kinds of trauma and what sets them apart. — How developmental trauma is woven into the neural fabric of the emotional midbrain. — Techniques you can use to break through underlying complex trauma. — How some theories can retraumatize you and do more harm than good. — Why energy techniques are crucial for healing trauma. — How tapping works on the brain and the importance of touch in healing trauma.

Host: Dawson Church
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English