Spirits in Your Home? Here’s What You Need to Know:

Spirits in Your Home? Here’s What You Need to Know:

Many years ago, as a teenager, I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by a somewhat famous medical doctor who had experienced astounding paranormal activities in his home. It all started one night as he watched his lighter rise up from a table, seemingly on its own, then fall back down. This single moment sparked a chain reaction of terrifying events and a startling revelation.

This once staunchly skeptical scientist now had to face the harsh reality that his once quiet home was indeed haunted. From this moment forward, strange things began to happen that definitively proved the presence of the paranormal.

Unfortunately, like many people, everything he knew about hauntings came from horror stories. Soon enough, these strange events took a terrifying turn. He and his family were tripped on the stairs and objects flew across the room. His neck bears the scar from a violently broken mirror.

Our good doctor then opened his home to spiritualists who conducted séance after séance. The séances did indeed produce spectacular results. However, what these séances revealed would not corroborate the terror he experience by an unseen assailant.

Years would pass before he learned the truth of what was happening. Indeed, his home was haunted. But it was not really haunted by a malevolent entity. You see, a little boy had died in that home many years prior and was lingering, searching as a [earthbound spirit],](/video/earthbound-spirits-mary-ann-winkowski) for closure to his untimely death. The malevolent presence was just a manifestation of the doctor’s fear. It was thought form that lived off of his perpetual terror. Unfortunately, this lost little boy was just as terrified by it.

By the time the doctor came to this startling revelation, it was too late for him to do anything about it. However, he took with him the secret for facilitating positive communication with the spirits in your home: to be of service.

So you think your home is haunted…so what?

If you think that you may be sharing your domicile with the dearly departed, take a moment to be grateful for it and enjoy it. That’s right!

As we learned in the previous article setting up the purpose of a séance is conducive to the spirits who will be in attendance. The same is true for your living space. If you fear the thought of living with a ghost, then you are filling your home with that kind of energy.

The secret to clearing any home of a negative entity is…laughter! A change in lifestyle and attitude—for everyone in the home—is key to ending any hostile hauntings. If you make your home a place of joy and laughter, slowly but surely, your home will become inundated with the energy of elation. This energy will cause negative entity depart, never to return. If you ever to have a moment where you feel you are being attacked, laugh, and the attack will cease. Don’t believe me? Try it. You will be surprised how easy this is. I have found it very effective at stopping unwanted paranormal activity in many homes (you will not learn this trick from any horror movie!).

Never underestimate the benefits of service. When you approach a haunting from a service-oriented attitude, everything changes. You are no longer a victim of circumstance and no longer prey to negative energies. You are now addressing the situation from a higher place of your own being and your home will begin to fill with a higher level of energy. This higher level of energy will be conducive for attractive spirits who are better capable at resolving any lingering issues with the lingering spirits.

Service-oriented séances make for a wonderfully haunted home. Just as we learned in the previous article, making direct contact with a named entity may not be the best approach. Instead, the purpose of your séance is to communicate with your own higher guidance and the higher guidance of the spirit in your home.

When you establish contact, find out how you can help this spirit. It is ok to learn why it is there and what it is seeking. Absolutely find out how you can help this spirit make its transition to the other side.

When you close the séance, ask for higher level spirits (ascended masters, angels, etc.) to come and help this spirit to return to the other side, if it is ready to go. Then end the séance as you normally would.

What we have learned from our doctor’s tale is to not let fear guide your experiences with a spiritual presence in your home. Rather, embrace the moment and use it as an opportunity to help someone who really may need it. This shift in perspective helps the spirits to move on to a new phase in its afterlife and further advances your own spiritual development.

Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Writer in the World

Aleister Crowley: The Wickedest Writer in the World

Known as “the wickedest man in the world,” English occultist and author Aleister Crowley actively embraced and contributed to his own notoriety. He delighted in shaking up social status quos, and used his infamy to draw a veil over, and at the same time draw attention to his esoteric work.

Crowley (b. 1875) died in 1947, leaving 61 books, some published during his lifetime — others published posthumously in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Crowley’s books enjoyed a revival, and Crowley himself achieved cult status during the expanding consciousness revolution beginning in the late 1960s.

Crowley was a prolific writer, and during his life wrote about the Qaballa, yoga, and the “Goetia,” attributed to the biblical King Solomon. He also penned commentaries on Thoth, “the Tarot of the Egyptians,” and the esoteric use of drugs to name but a few.

Crowley the Drug Fiend

The 1922 novel, “Diary of a Drug Fiend” was, according to Crowley, “A true story, rewritten to conceal personalities.” In his quest to understand the influence of different types of drugs on the mind, Crowley was captured by heroin, documenting that struggle in “Diary of a Drug Fiend.” He also experimented with and wrote about psychoactive substances, including absinthe (The Green Goddess, 1917), hashish (The Psychology of Hashish, 1909), and cocaine (Cocaine, 1917). Crowley also published “A Pharmaceutical Study of Cannabis Sativa” by E.P. Whineray in his March, 1909 issue of his journal The Equinox.

Ever in search of peak experiences, epiphanies, and absolute insight, Crowley advocated incorporating drug use into all magickal ceremonies, demonstrating his drive to experience expanded consciousness by any means necessary. He believed that the use of these substances would succeed where religion and science had failed to solve the rubric of the true nature of reality.

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