An Evolution of Ancient Astronaut Theory’s Proof and Proponents

An Evolution of Ancient Astronaut Theory’s Proof and Proponents

Religion molds many people’s worldview and beliefs about our origin as a species. From a young age, and even as we grow older, we tend to hold on to aspects of those stories – many of which involve magic or divine phenomena. But as technology has progressed over those years, things that once seemed magical, now make perfect sense and fall within the widening realm of possibility. And as our modern worldview has become shaped by this techno-centric, materialist scope, the ancient astronaut theory has found an increasingly larger audience.

If you’re not familiar with Gaia’s content, maybe you’ve seen the program Ancient Aliens on History Channel, or possibly read Erich von Däniken’s classic book Chariots of the Gods? These series are founded on the ancient astronaut hypothesis; the assertion that if you reinterpret biblical accounts of supernatural gods with magic powers instead, as members of an advanced extraterrestrial race with advanced technology, their depictions make a lot more sense.

Arthur C. Clarke famously made this contention later when he said, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” And though it’s unclear whether Clarke ascribed to the belief, it’s likely he would have at least entertained it.

In Search of Ancient Astronauts…

It’s uncertain who first conceived of the ancient astronaut theory, but there are certainly a few ‘founding fathers,’ if you will. And in the mid-20th century, a cadre of these thinkers began to publish parallel theories based on the idea that the powers possessed by ‘gods’ of religious lore were starting to sound awfully similar to modern technological advancements.

Influenced by cryptic ancient texts, an increasing fascination with science fiction, and advancements in the space program, researchers such as Zechariah Sitchin, von Däniken, and even Carl Sagan began to entertain the theory. These thinkers pointed to the anachronistic nature of certain artifacts, “cargo cults” that viewed modern technology as if it were magic, and the incredibly advanced engineering seen in megalithic sites around the world, ostensibly constructed by primitive means.

But while they may have agreed that the theory was plausible, their beliefs varied dramatically, and Carl Sagan would later disavow those who speculated wildly without providing solid, verifiable evidence. After all, it was Sagan who famously said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

Sagan was certainly captivated by the prospect of extraterrestrial life, believing proof of its existence would drastically change the course of humanity, in terms of politics, prejudice, and war providing us with a renewed sense of hope and direction. But when the idea began to take off in the 1960s, Sagan and colleague I.S. Shklovski backtracked on the ancient astronaut hypothesis they once encouraged scientists and historians to consider.

Though by that point they had already laid the foundation for the theory, especially with their interpretations of ancient Sumerian texts, such as the Oannes, which described in detail a fishlike being that taught early civilizations agriculture, mathematics, and arts. This likely paved the way for Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian epics, beginning with his seminal work, The 12 Planet.

Sitchin’s interpretations of Sumerian cuneiform tablets posited the idea that an undiscovered planet in our solar system, orbiting in a 3,600-year cycle, was home to an extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki, who were responsible for the advancement of human civilization. He famously called their planet, Nibiru.

Sitchin’s interpretations and theory have been debated, ‘debunked,’ and dissected for decades, but despite the controversy, his work has maintained its place as one of the most popular ancient astronaut theories, selling millions of copies worldwide, and even continuing to inspire mainstream culture today.

Ancient Astronaut Evidence and Artifacts

Only a few years before Sitchin’s theories found mainstream approval, the precursor to today’s Ancient Aliens aired on television as the wildly popular, Rod Serling and Leonard Nimoy-narrated series In Search Of…

Though not entirely focused on ancient astronauts, the show featured many unexplained phenomena related to it, including the cargo cults of WWII-era notoriety. It was in areas of the South Pacific, including Papua New Guinea, where primitive tribes witnessed modern ariplanes, piloted by beings who neither hunted, nor fished, yet never lacked food — and they shared!

Once the war ended they abandoned their airstrips, airplanes, and technology, leaving it behind to a primitive group of humans who had no idea how to use it or what to make of it. Instead, they created effigies of the airplanes, hoping to invoke those god-like men who piloted them and hopefully bring back the gifts which they believed were sent by their deceased ancestors.

This seemed to be one of the strongest points of evidence for the ancient astronaut theory and appeared to apply to many ancient cultures, including those that penned the Old Testament, Bible, Qu’ran, Mahabharata and other religious scripture, often describing the same phenomena with consistent anecdotal overlap.

But if one were to point to the most prominent influencer in the world of ancient astronaut theory, it would have to be von Däniken whose eminent title Chariots of the Gods? sold more than 70 million copies globally, since its publishing in 1968. He even had an entire ancient astronaut themed amusement park in Switzerland that was operational for a few years.

It’s possible that part of von Däniken’s appeal was the seemingly endless ancient astronaut proof that went beyond what others presented. Out of place artifacts like the Quimbaya airplanes, the Piri Reis Map, and the Nazca lines in Peru all proved confounding to mainstream archeology, and many remain so today. He delved deeply into esoteric biblical apocrypha like the Book of Enoch, as well as the strange stories of flying craft called Vimana and accounts of nuclear war in the Hindu Vedas.

Von Däniken provided mounting evidence that made increasing sense in a world where religious dogma and hippie-era spirituality started to clash. It was a sensical compromise in a world of antiquated religiosity and advancing technology.

And that legacy continues to captivate the minds of the curious today.


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Did President Eisenhower Meet With Aliens at Holloman Air Force Base?

Did President Eisenhower Meet With Aliens at Holloman Air Force Base?

In 1953, President Harry Truman gave up the oval office and passed the reins of power to his successor, President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike). It appears that Truman also gave Ike a pretty hefty file concerning a top-secret project called Majestic 12 that Truman established by Classified Executive Order. Majestic 12 consisted of a group of scientists, military personnel and other governmental professionals who all worked together to understand and communicate with UFOs and extraterrestrials (ETs).

President Eisenhower was extremely interested in UFOs and ETs: there is evidence that he met with ETs secretly, at least three times.

Once at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) in California and twice at Holloman AFB in New Mexico. Since the Eisenhower meetings, other instances of UFOs landing at or near Holloman AFB have been reported.

1954 Eisenhower ET Meeting at Edwards AFB

President Eisenhower, who had been a five-star Army general, always had a “strong belief in life on other planets.” In February 1954, he was spending several days in Palm Springs on vacation. He disappeared for several hours one Saturday afternoon and even missed a scheduled public dinner. He was not seen again until late the following morning.

The press questioned Ike’s whereabouts, so the White House Press Secretary told them that Ike had chipped a tooth and gone to see a dentist. Even at that time, rumors were that he was visiting ETs at nearby Edwards AFB. The dentist’s story falls apart upon close inspection. Washington Post Staff Writer, Peter Carlson, denies the story of the chipped tooth and calls it a cover-up.

There Was No Dentist Visit

The Eisenhower Presidential Library has detailed reports of all Eisenhower’s medical and dental records. There is no reference to a broken or chipped tooth or dentist visit related to the Palm Springs visit. The Library also has copies of acknowledgments that were sent to everyone Eisenhower had contact with while in Palm Springs. There were records of people who met the airplane, people who sent flowers, the minister who gave the sermon at the Sunday service he attended, and others who played minor roles. But there is no proof of a note sent to a dentist. Years later, the dentist’s widow said she had no recollection of ever being told by her husband that he had done dental work on the President.

Corroborating Evidence of the ET Visit

William Cooper, who was on the Naval Intelligence briefing team and had access to classified documents, is a credible witness. His Review Of Those Documents revealed that ETs had had contact with Earth. They had warned that the Earth was “on a path of self-destruction” and they wanted to meet to help effectuate a long-lasting peace.

Meeting With Eisenhower

The first meeting with the aliens and President Eisenhower occurred at Edwards AFB in February 1954. Navy Commander Charles L. Suggs reported that his father had attended the meeting between Ike and the ETS. Eisenhower met with two Nordic appearings, blue-eyed ETs. A third one stood near the door as a lookout.

The discussions were polite. Eisenhower wanted to effectuate a treaty with the aliens but was unwilling to agree to their demand that we cease testing nuclear weapons. The aliens left with no treaty in place but returned the next year to Holloman AFB in New Mexico, not too far from the famous Roswell alien aircraft crash site, for a subsequent meeting with Eisenhower.

Gerald Light’s Letter

There is a corroborating story to the ET meeting with Ike at Edwards AFB. The accuracy of the story is difficult to confirm. A man named Gerald Light wrote a letter in April 1954 claiming to have been an eyewitness to the Edwards AFB meeting between Eisenhower and ETs. Light provided details such as watching Air Force officials studying five aircraft with the permission of their alien owners!

Some question the credibility of Light’s report since he was known to have a love of the occult and claimed to be clairvoyant, but others like Meade Layne, the former director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, confirms and believes Light did know first-hand what occurred.

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