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Twisting Yoga Poses

Like wringing out a sponge, doing a yoga twist helps your body refresh. Not only are twists great for your digestion, twisting yoga poses also help maintain strength and suppleness in your spine–key components of lifelong health and well-being. These postures include variations lying down, sitting, and standing, to help release discomfort cause from our modern lifestyle with frequent sitting. Practice twists regularly to  improve mobility and the possibility of improved posture.

Almost every yoga sequence designed to improve digestion includes a variety of twisting yoga poses because they are so effective at stimulating sluggish digestion. The more you twist your body, the better your circulation becomes. When your circulation improves so does your digestion, which can help make the process of elimination easier and more regular.

According to some yogic texts, twists have a myriad of benefits including toning the muscles of your abdomen. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, yoga twists can shift your mental and emotional state. Restorative twists offer the opportunity to rest and relax while your body rejuvenates.


What are the best yoga poses for a beginner?

Twists that are done on your back or seated are a great option for anyone new to yoga. To get familiar with the twisting action, start with a simple seated twist, like half lord of the fishes (ardha matsyendrasana) or a feel-good supine twist. Many twists have the option to use props like bolsters and blocks to help your body learn the action of twisting the spine rather than the hips.

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