Yogis know that digestion is an important indicator of wellbeing. Encourage your gut to get back on track by stoking the agni (digestive fire) and melting stress with our collection of online yoga for digestion. Release discomfort caused by improper digestion through active vinyasa style classes, restorative yoga sessions, or soothing yin yoga practices. Using Gaia’s online yoga practices for better digestion can be an incredible way to stimulate your entire digestive tract into working efficiently and smoothly. Whether you are seeking yoga to aid in healthy digestion after a meal or looking to find a quick practice to add into your nighttime ritual before you go to bed, Gaia’s yoga teachers share advice and guidance along the way. Feel better in your body by cultivating yoga practices that can help in combatting common symptoms of poor digestion such as heartburn, constipation, stomach cramps, and bloating. You may choose an active twisting and rinsing hatha yoga class, a powerful and heart-pumping vinyasa flow, or a soft and restorative yin-style yoga practice to find the physical movements needed to aid your digestion with yoga. Gaia’s yoga for digestion online videos can help you find the movement practices that you need to find better digestion. Create balance and equanimity through a healthy yoga practice that fuels proper digestion for your whole being.

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