Yoga is a practice of connecting body to mind. Therefore, the study of yoga anatomy is critically important to its full comprehension. Whether you're looking for improved practice or to explore the depths of balanced tension, our collection of expert advice can help. Our teachers share their anatomy for yoga knowledge and cover topics ranging from the physical core to unlocking emotions. While it might be your passion to understand every intricate detail of the body, the study of yoga anatomy doesn't require this. The challenge isn't necessarily in the comprehension of the various planes of the body, but rather how to apply the knowledge to poses and sessions. Developing a baseline of understanding for the structure and connections within the body is the first step. Anatomy for yoga takes a deeper look at how the body moves and flows. By understanding the cause and effect of shifting different body parts, such as flexion, extension, and internal and external rotation, you'll cultivate a deeper appreciation for each position and practice. This understanding also has significant implications toward recognizing movements that are safe versus risky. Discerning the degree of strength and flexibility required for each pose is essential in order to avoid damage or injury to the body. Grasping the intricacies of the human body is a life-long endeavor; It is in a constant state of change, continuing to alter and transform itself as we age. In this yoga anatomy collection, our teachers aim to educate through their own experience. While no two bodies are exactly alike, through the understanding of our shared commonalities, you'll be able to identify the unique aspects of your own. Explore the world of anatomy for yoga and cultivate a deeper appreciation of what makes you, you.

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