Inverted yoga poses are physical shapes that move the hips above the head and the heart. From restorative postures like supported bridge, forward fold, and downward facing dog to active inversions like handstand, crow pose, and forearm stand, Gaia’s collection of yoga videos for inversions teaches students of all levels how to prepare for and practice inversions. Inverted yoga poses can help to strengthen your arms, build power in your legs, tone the muscles of your back, enhance core abdominal engagement, improve your sense of balance, and can even help stimulate healthy circulation. Getting upside down in yoga also allows the body to work with gravity to provide the brain with more oxygen and blood which has the potential to improve mental function and feel more energized! Inversion benefits for the mind include giving yourself a new perspective on life by seeing the world upside-down. As habitual beings, we become accustomed to seeing the world from a certain vantage point and yoga inversions teach us to shake up our old point of view and find new ways to approach situations in life on and off of the mat. Gaia’s group of supportive yoga teachers use their experience to guide students of all levels to build strength for yoga inversions and learn proper alignment for getting upside down, all while having a bit of fun! Explore headstand, handstand, forearm stand, shoulderstand, crow pose, downward facing dog pose, bridge pose, and forward fold pose. Find these and many more in Gaia’s catalog of online yoga videos for inversions.

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