2 Seasons . 25 Episodes TV-PG

While great works of art have been admired and studied for centuries, only a few individuals know the secrets that they conceal. Clare and William Henry explore beyond the composition of these works to discover their hidden mysteries. What they find is the Arcanum: esoteric secrets about human potential and modern sciences.

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Mysteries of the Philosopher’s Stone (Preview)

Our world is going through a powerful and wonderful transition, as the collective soul of humanity is awakening. To help us better understand this transformation, William Henry guides us on a cosmic soul quest, in Season 2, in order to discover the secrets and science of soul ascension. Through this journey, you will learn how to develop a plan which will enable you to live with more focus and purpose than ever before.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
57 mins TV-PG
Secrets of the transmutation of the human soul are hidden within the metaphorical imagery of the philosopher’s stone and rods of power. Clare and William Henry explore the mysteries behind the recurring imagery of the rod and stone to reveal the esoteric secrets of resurrection, immortality, and ascension.
1 hr 4 mins TV-PG
Jan van Eyck, one of the most significant painters of the 15th century, revealed the secrets of transfiguration through his art. Clare and William Henry guide us through the life and works of Jan van Eyck to reveal the arcanum of ascension and the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant.
57 mins TV-PG
Within some of the most compelling works of art, we will find sacred mirror imagery that connects us with the holy light of ascension. Clare and William Henry examine these transfiguration icons as found within many different works of art throughout the ages.
50 mins TV-PG
By the 20th century, legends of transformation and ascension stretched across the globe. As two major world powers engaged in warfare during the 1930s, they also struggled for spiritual conquest. Thus the race to recover the mythical Chintamani stone and discover the secrets of Shambhala was born.
1 hr 3 mins TV-PG
Washington D.C. is considered to be the seat of power for the western world and the U.S. Capitol may hold the greatest secrets of ascension that mankind has ever known. As the dome was placed upon the capitol building, its place in history was sealed as the third Temple of Solomon.
1 hr 6 mins TV-PG
Discovering the higher self is an important part of ascension, which has been depicted in many artistic ways. For example, Sophia is the personification of wisdom and the Ladder of Jacob is a pathway to that wisdom.
1 hr 4 mins TV-PG
For ages, water has symbolized the boundaries lying between spiritual and physical realms. In ancient Egypt, the Nile was literally the river of life and represented the way to the afterlife. Thus we find the first depictions of boats as vehicles for souls making the transition.
1 hr 3 mins TV-PG
The greatest of all the mystical teachings is the ascension of consciousness so that one can transcend the physical body and earthly realms. Clare and William Henry investigate the arcanum of the rainbow body of light as depicted in many works of art from Egypt, Tibet and Christendom.
43 mins TV-PG
From the heart of the galaxy, passing through the inter-dimensional gateway of our sun and reflected by the moon, we are continuously irradiated with divine light. Clare and William Henry reveal the secrets of the holy light and how we can use it to achieve ascension.
45 mins TV-PG
Images of wheels with wings feature prominently in early Christian artwork and they may be depicting vehicles for ascension. Clare and William Henry explain that these images of ascension thrones, depicted as wheels with wings and eyes, represent the crossover of Merkaba mysticism into Christianity.
41 mins TV-PG
The allure of Mary Magdalene has inspired countless artists and mystics for centuries. As the supreme initiate of Jesus, she holds the key to unlocking the greatest occult mystery of resurrection. Clare and William Henry explore the lost secrets of Mary Magdalene’s ascension as told though the esoteric symbols that often accompany her images.
50 mins TV-PG
The Shroud of Turin is the most mysterious relic in all of human history. More than just a relic, it is a holy icon written in the blood of Christ. Clare and William Henry examine the history and authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, suggesting that it is truly the first icon of transfiguration.