The Pleiadians

From the Hopi, Mayans, and Cherokee, to the Hawaiians, Egyptians, and Maori, explore why so many ancient cultures of Earth depict detailed connections between our ancestors and Pleiadians. Experts, researchers, and experiencers offer their testimonies linking lost civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria with long-forgotten truths of the Pleiades and Earth. Discover the similarities between humans and Pleiadians.

Featuring: William Henry, Adam Apollo, Ricardo Gonazález Corpanco, Matthew LaCroix, J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D, Matías De Stefano, Dale Harder, Sarah Breskman Cosme, Lana Morrow, Ph.D.
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
The Reptilians Video
S4:Ep8 27 mins TV-PG
The Mantis & Insectoids Video
S4:Ep9 28 mins TV-PG
The Felines Video
S4:Ep10 32 mins TV-PG