Beyond the Past

Do you believe in your past or in your future? Most of us wake up in the past thinking the same thoughts as the day before because the brain feels comfortable with familiar patterns and routines. The present moment is the only place where we can influence and change our past programming to experience a different future.

Practicing this meditation will help you: ✓ Reconnect with the power of the present moment
✓ Build the foundation for a new self ✓ Rehearse new thoughts & feelings of who you are going to be ✓ Break free of the past

Before this meditation, take a few minutes to answer these questions: • What are three thoughts you have almost every day? • What are three thoughts you want to have every day?

Checkpoint: Once you finish the meditation, reflect on how you answered the questions above. Do you feel ready to release your past thoughts and fully accept on the thoughts you want? Or does part of your brain still want to hold on to the past thoughts? If you feel like your mind is more attracted to the past thoughts, you can try this meditation again with as little effort or expectation as possible. Allow your body to relax so the subconscious mind can reset itself. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad meditation. Each experience draws you closer!

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English