Room for the Unknown

Are your routines keeping you anchored to the past and a predictable future? The last meditation focused on the experience of time and the power of the present moment. This meditation takes that power and combines it with the energy that is freed by creating space for the unknown.

If you can execute greater energy than what is binding you to the known, then you can break the bonds to the past. This releases energy back to you and gives you the energy to create a new future.

During this meditation, you will: ✓ Shift your focus away from your body and any other definition of self ✓ Release the need to control HOW your future arrives ✓ Harness energy from releasing past attachments ✓ Linger in the infinite possibilities of the unknown ✓ Draw your desired future to you

Checkpoint: • Reflect on these questions before and after the meditation: • How willing are you to shift your focus beyond the body and forget about it for a few minutes? • How comfortable do you feel releasing the need to control and allowing yourself to relax in an unknown field of infinite possibilities? • What do you need to release from your daily routine to create enough space in your life for your desired future?

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English