Kultured Kitchen with Kirsty Wirth

Kirsty Wirth
1 Season, 8 Episodes
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Kultured Kitchen with Kirsty Wirth is a series of recipes that demonstrate how to prepare food in such a way that your body is able to extract maximum nutrition from every single bite you take. These recipes take some of the most nutrient-dense foods available and incorporate the fermentation process into the preparation method.

The result: nutrients are highly bioavailable for your gastrointestinal system, making digestion and absorption almost effortless. The fermentation process also adds probiotics to your meals, so not only are you flooding your body with nutrition, you are also replenishing your gut's levels of beneficial intestinal microflora – the good bugs that keep you vital and thriving.

This series uses a starter culture to aid the fermentation process. Starter cultures can be acquired from your local health food store, online, or from a friend who already has one.