Spirit Talk
Season 2 . 12 Episodes

World renowned spirit medium James Van Praagh brings us one step closer to heaven by resolving our concerns of the afterlife and offers a bridge to reconnect hearts and souls across the veil.

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S2:Ep1, Out of Body (Preview)
Episode 1
39 mins
We often hear that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. But what we do not realize is that we are out of our body more often than we are in it. We just don’t remember those times that we are away.
Episode 2
40 mins
Every challenge you face and every difficult person you encounter are all part of the plan that you setup right before this lifetime. James Van Praagh explains how we create a spiritual blueprint for our lifetime and offers a mind journey to discover your life’s most prevalent soul lessons.
Episode 3
43 mins
Everything that you say, think or do unto others directly affects the lessons you experience across lifetimes. This is the basis of karma. James Van Praagh reveals how to discover your karmic lessons before he offers spirit readings to a live studio audience
Episode 4
49 mins
There are a myriad of religions scattered all over our world. No matter the tradition, the tools or practices, all religions share in the singular purpose of reuniting us with Source. Karen the shaman performs a shamanic medicine wheel ceremony which clears the space for soul readings with a live studio audience.
Episode 5
44 mins
Unfortunately many of the things that we hold on to, like old habits and insecurities, keep us locked in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and destructive behaviors. James Van Praagh offers a mind journey to let go of those things that no longer serve your highest good.
Episode 6
49 mins
When you have completed all of the soul lessons for your lifetime, you will leave this physical world behind and return to your life in the spirit world. James Van Praagh explains what the spirit world really is and offers a journey of discovery to better understand life on the other side of the veil.
Episode 7
43 mins
To live in the moment, full of appreciation for the world we are in, affords us the opportunity to realize the lessons life offers us. This is true gratitude. James Van Praagh offers guidance for developing an attitude of gratitude and discovering the most important things in your life.
Episode 8
58 mins
The essential energy of our being is in a healthy state when it is flowing. We inadvertently obstruct this flow of energy if we hold on to the negativity we feel when we are hurt by others. James Van Praagh explains how we can clear the blockages and restore this natural flow of energy.
Episode 9
54 mins
Our universe is composed of vibratory energy that can be quantified and reduced into single digits. This is the basis of Numerology, a spiritual tool that can help us to precisely tune-in to the energy of everything and everyone in our lives.
Episode 10
46 mins
Everything in the universe can be measured by numbers, including your purpose in life and compatibility with certain people. Glynis McCants explains how to create your numerological blueprint based upon your name and birth date and help forge better connections with all of the people in your life.
Episode 11
57 mins
Anyone can cultivate a deeper connection with a beloved animal companion by learning to tap into their psychic potential. James Van Praagh psychically connects with dogs to demonstrate how we can all do the same thing with any animal companion.
Episode 12
59 mins
Telepathy, the ability to read minds, is not limited only to a few talented individuals. Without knowing, each and every one of us sends and receives telepathic signals with every person we encounter. James Van Praagh explains how we can learn to develop our natural telepathic abilities.