The Power of Visualization for Weight Loss and Body Transformation with Jon Gabriel

Join Jon Gabriel in this exclusive extended interview, as he shares his knowledge on visualization and how he has personally harnessed the power of the practice to transform his body and lose excess weight which previously held him back. In the interview, Jon recounts the first time he experimented with visualization and how the art has followed him throughout his years and helped him consciously communicate with his body to catalyze desired change.'The mind and body connection is powerful, but how do you communicate with it? In this interview you will learn:

  • How Jon learned about the visualization practice
  • How visualization is the language of symbols
  • How to communicate consciously with the body and take control of the steering wheel
  • Anecdotes of highly successful people who have used the practice
  • How to set the dials of your life to help you achieve all you’ve ever wanted'
  • Meditation and visualization, is there a difference?
  • Increasing your intuition through ritual practice
Featuring: Jon Gabriel
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English