Empowered Genetics

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. shares his revolutionary view of our conscious ability to affect gene expression. Throughout the eons of human history, our understanding of our place in the world has changed from a connection with the natural world, to completely separate from it. In modern times, this has led to certain notions, that have become recognized as scientific truths, which make us a victim of our environment. With new discoveries in epigenetics, our control over the wellbeing of our bodies is placed back into our own hands, if we are ready to accept it.

From this revelation we come to better understand: • The four myth-perceptions that shape our current world view and how we can overcome them • A brief introduction to epigenetics which shows our ability to consciously affect gene expression • The role of chaos in our continued evolution as a species • How we can create a new sustainable civilization from this chaos

Host: Bruce Lipton
Audio Languages: English, Spanish, German, French
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, French