Human and Giant Hybrids

Ancient Civilizations
S3:Ep728 minsFebruary 22, 2021

What if the” junk DNA” in our genetic code is not really so useless at all? Evidence suggests that this genetic material be humanity’s link with an ancient race of giants.

Tales of giants, found in every ancient culture, are often dismissed away as mere myth. But they be an important part of our origin story. Experts come together to discuss giants as a genetic link of humanity which is intentionally being erased from history. Though thoroughly recorded and documented, the remains of giant hominids disappear or are confiscated soon after their discovery. Those that have been tested indicate that these beings are not human. Could they still be walking among us, concealing their tracks through history?

Featuring: Brad Olsen, Billy Carson, Jack Cary, Erich von Daniken, Andrew Collins, William Brown, Gregg Braden, Tricia McCannon, Matias De Stefano
Video Language: English