Interstellar Highways: Portals & Toroids
Galactic Messages with Gosia Duszak

If black holes are portals and suns are exit points, how do they work? Contactee Gosia Duszak and Taygetan Swaruu of Erra detail the functional geometry of these portals in relation to the gradients of frequencies in our universe.

According to Swaruu, these “localized energetic points of attention” materialize as toroid portals, energetic entities appearing as spherical holes accessible from any direction in 3D space. These wormholes connect solar systems across the Universe, such as Alpha Centauri and Earth’s solar system. Swaruu explains black holes are the entrances to wormholes connecting galaxies, and suns are the exits from these toroidal fields of energy. Detailing the geometry of toroids in relation to these “black and white holes,” Swaruu clarifies how these interstellar highways work, with each portal connecting to an interior system of higher frequencies.

Host: Gosia Duszak
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish