Joan Grant’s Lost Works with Jane Lahr

Jane Lahr brings forward some of the lost works of Joan Grant so that we all may benefit from these profound teachings in this interview with Regina Meredith. Joan Grant had a knack for documenting the turbulent events of her past lives into novels that were easily accepted as works fiction. However, she chose not to publish some of her most poignant works, such as her lifetime as a Native American and the time she spent with Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Jane Lahr has recalled previous lifetimes with Joan Grant's help and assisted in finding publishers for her books in the USA. With a life in the publishing industry, Lahr is the co-editor of Love: A Celebration in Art & Literature, editor of The Celtic Quest, and author of Searching for Mary Magdalene: A Journey in Art & Literature. She is a partner in Lahr & Partners,llc and co- edited, with Nicola Bennett and Sophia Rosoff, Joan Grant ~ Speaking from the Heart ~ Ethics, Reincarnation and What it Means to be Human.

Featuring: Jane Lahr
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English