Mysterious Elongated Skulls of Peru

Deep Space
S3:Ep732 minsJune 28, 2021

Ancient cultures around the world had a ruling class that practiced intentional cranial modification, a procedure to deliberately reshape the skull to express status, wealth, and nobility. Some of the best examples of this were found in the Paracas region of Peru, spanning continents and cultures around the world. Was this an attempt to imitate an advanced race of beings with elongated skulls? If so, might they be extraterrestrials, and what evidence suggests that they actually existed? With anomalous DNA test results is it possible that some kind of genetic tampering has taken place to create what some experts suggest is a human-hybrid discovery?

Featuring: Jonny Enoch, Erich Von Daniken, Brien Foerster, Nassim Haramein, William Brown, Jaime Maussan
Video Language: English