Sacred Activism with Matt Kahn

Everyday Enlightenment with Ashleigh Sergeant
S1:Ep321 minsNovember 2018Guest: Matt Kahn

In a society brimming with cultural conflict and political gridlock, taking sides seems like a necessary self-defense strategy. How can we stand firm in our beliefs while upholding our spiritual values of love and open-heartedness? Join spiritual teacher, author, and YouTube sensation Matt Kahn in this episode that reframes the conversation as we explore the concept of sacred activism. Discover the value of aligning your actions in service of, not against, something and learn how to lovingly support the inner needs of others without getting caught in ideological warfare.

At the end of this episode, Matt offers a concrete strategy to hold space for ourselves and others when we encounter challenges in our pursuit of sacred activism.

Instructor/Host: Ashleigh Sergeant
Featuring: Matt Kahn
Video Language: English