Steven Hairfield on His Road to Awakening

Dr. Steven Hairfield, mystic, monk, psychic and scholar, describes his journey to the realization that we are already what we want to be, but because we think we are broken, we don’t love ourselves and believe we are imperfect, we live in a world that we ourselves fill with struggles.

As an explosive expert in Vietnam, Steven Hairfield found peace in a local Zen Buddhist monastery in Quang Ngai where he learned about Issa (Jesus), who spent time in what is now known as India, Pakistan, Ladak, Nepal, and Tibet before returning to the Middle East to carry out His mission. This lead Hairfield to a lifetime of discovery and self knowing, finding his Tibetan Master teachers in India, returning to America to earn degrees in psychology, religion and theology, and metaphysics.

Featuring: Steven Hairfield
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