The Unsuspecting Detox

The group members are given instructions on solo colonics, leading to a significant rise in anxiety among them. As the program progresses, the retreat attendees confront psychological challenges and exhibit polarized reactions to the regimen and protocols.

Over time, Billy enthusiastically embraces the detoxing protocol, which disturbs other members and leaves most in absolute dismay. This prompts the question: Did they truly understand what they were getting themselves into?

Featuring: Nick Knowles, Julian Perryman, Billy Byrne
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
The Kick-Off Video
S1:Ep1 24 mins TV-PG
The Unsuspecting Detox Video
S1:Ep2 24 mins TV-PG
The Divergent Path Video
S1:Ep3 24 mins TV-PG