Training for Light System Initiation

Are there other planets with societies that do not experience war, and is that a possibility for our collective future?

Host Jimmy Church is joined by UNIFYD World founder Jason Shurka to investigate this and other vast questions of universal consciousness. In 2020, Shurka was selected by an undercover organization, The Light System, to release a document known as The Pyramid Code. As a spokesperson in training for TLS, Shurka reveals his thoughts on whether evil is a choice, how suppression of information keeps us divided, and if the silver lining of human hardship is spiritual ascension. Hear Shurka’s insights into the Great Pyramid’s link to mystical Judaism as well as his perspective on what happens to collective consciousness when humanity numbs itself to pain occurring across the world.

Host: Jimmy Church
Featuring: Jason Shurka
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English