Kreg Weiss, B HKin

With an extensive background in anatomy and physiology, Kreg Weiss is not only a certified Yoga Teacher but is also certified in Kinesiology (Exercise Science).

Every single one of his classes integrates a purposeful, meditative quality, which allows an experience of connection and mental reflection - all while the body explores expansion and renewal.

Following several successful years of venturing in the wellness industry as a personal trainer, group fitness trainer, and national competitive athlete, Kreg Weiss received his certification in yoga in 2002. He feels privileged to be able to empower his students with practices that are educational and engaging, all while being accessible. Soon after becoming an teacher, Weiss decided to expand his knowledge of the human body at University of British Columbia where he studied both Kinesiology and Health Sciences.

In 2004, Kreg Weiss? passion for yoga led him to co-create, allowing him to share his love of yoga with people around the globe. Through integrity-driven classes, Weiss aims to provide students with the tools they need in order to pursue a one of a kind, confident practice, where asanas, pranayama, and meditation interact collectively to rejuvenate and heal the body and mind.


    Relaxation Meditation Video
    Relaxation Meditation (January 2010)
    14 minutes
    Refresh your mind and body with this guided meditation relaxation by Kreg Weiss. Learn to release tension and stress as you deepen into a meditative state. This practice is also available as an audio meditation download and ...
    Available worldwide
    Morning Hatha Flow Video
    Morning Hatha Flow (January 2010)
    12 minutes
    Take twelve minutes to start your day on a positive note with Kreg Weiss. Get your energy flowing and awaken your body with the ancient practice of yoga, naturally! This yoga class begins with energizing breath work, and flows ...
    Available worldwide
    Yoga Jolt Video
    Yoga Jolt (March 2011)
    24 minutes
    Circulate waves of energy and motion into your body and mind with this moderate level hatha yoga flow taught by Kreg Weiss. This is an ideal practice for the morning or when you feel you need to ease space slowly back into ...
    Available worldwide
    Morning Yoga Flow Balance Integrity Video
    Morning Yoga Flow Balance Integrity (July 2010)
    18 minutes
    Enjoy a flood of warming energy as you flow through a series of balancing yoga postures with Kreg Weiss. Engage and tone your leg and core muscles while grounding the nervous system. An ideal short morning yoga practice when ...
    Available worldwide
    Inner Strength & Confidence Breath Meditation Video
    Inner Strength & Confidence Breath Meditation (November 2012)
    15 minutes
    This breathing meditation begins with light movements and moves into a period of stillness incorporating Vajrapradama Mudra, symbolizing unshakable trust within yourself and the world around you.
    Available worldwide
    Restorative Hatha Flow Video
    Restorative Hatha Flow (January 2010)
    38 minutes
    Tune into all the rhythms of your body to heal, open, and restore. Explore this restorative variation of yoga postures, exercises, and meditations, using basic props. Work through physical limitations, stiffness, or strain ...
    Available worldwide
    Yoga For a Healthy Back Video
    Yoga For a Healthy Back (January 2010)
    4 minutes
    Yoga For Healthy Back as demonstrated by Rick Coe and instructed by Kreg Weiss. This short Yoga flow offers a quick warming of the core, back and gluteal muscles ideal for those needing to re-energize the spine and restore ...
    Available worldwide
    Clearing Out the Kinks Hatha Yoga Video
    Clearing Out the Kinks Hatha Yoga (April 2013)
    50 minutes
    Enjoy some time out with Kreg Weiss by exploring where you may have physical and energetic resistance. This hatha yoga practice takes an organic approach to tuning into the body and allowing your inner teacher to guide you ...
    Available worldwide
    Get Ready to Sweat Video
    Get Ready to Sweat (February 2011)
    26 minutes
    Sun salutations are not the only way to build up heat and sweat! Enjoy sending a surge of warmth through your body as you strengthen, tone and MOVE in this class with Kreg Weiss. This intermediate hatha yoga flow is a ...
    Available worldwide
    Balancing into Bountiful Energy Video
    Balancing into Bountiful Energy (April 2012)
    11 minutes
    Balancing is one of the key elements to a wellness program because the array of benefits: increased body awareness, core connection, increasing conditioning of stabilizer muscles. This short hatha flow with Kreg Weiss offers ...
    Available worldwide
    Nurturing Your Knees Hatha Flow Video
    Nurturing Your Knees Hatha Flow (October 2012)
    59 minutes
    This hatha flow with Kreg Weiss shifts clear of any torquing sensations in the knees while still engaging the thigh and hip muscles. Sometimes your knees need a good break from deep asanas like pigeon pose. Note: A hand ...
    Available worldwide
    Patience and Discernment Mudra Flow Video
    Patience and Discernment Mudra Flow (May 2014)
    58 minutes
    Enjoy a pause in your day to savor time and to slow down with Kreg Weiss. Embrace the beauty of patience with this meditative hatha flow that brings in a variety grounding mudras (energy seals). Find your breath, find your ...
    Available worldwide


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    Bem, posted on March 23, 2015

    I am an 50+ triathlete looking for a good weekly yoga routine to integrate into my Swim/Bike/Run training program. In particular I need to improve my spinal rotation and flexibility for cycling. What would you suggest?

    kregweiss, posted on March 23, 2015

    Hi Bem,

    Thank you for your questions. Yoga can certainly be beneficial to your training routine. It is essential that the yoga complements and not works against your training program - I would recommend practices that offer a recovery and restoration approach versus heavy conditioning and engagement. Performance gains in your training are greatly enhanced by sufficient recovery and rest - adding in vigorous yoga practices may hinder those recovery intentions. Practices like the following may be more suitable: Always keep in mind the biomechanics adaptations that could be occurring due to your specific training and aim to find practices that offer balance against undesirable habitual patterns that are settling into the tissues (i.e. if you are frequently in forward head posture due to cycling and daily work patterns, doing postures like Shoulder Stand will likely contribute to worsening tissue adaption).

    Hope this helps,

    vanrich, posted on October 9, 2014

    Your work is lovely and I think you probably meant to say, 'intimate' rather than 'intimidate' on your first line of the Q + A above.
    Questions and Answers with Kreg Weiss

    What does yoga mean to you?
    Yoga is an intimidate opportunity to connect

    Thanks for the work and starting this lovely, intimate way to be with yoga at home.


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