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3 Reasons You’re Ready for Yoga Teacher Training

By: Gaia Staff  |  January 10, 2013

Do you feel thrilled and equally terrified when you think about signing up for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training? Welcome to the first emotional step on this journey of following your passion.

The world of instructing yoga is just that – patiently acknowledging emotions that arise and moving forward with confidence. Deciding to teach may be based on: wanting to share your favorite hobby or creating a monumental life/career change (there are, of course, those who also take teacher training to simply deepen their understanding of the practice). Whatever the case, the choice to become a yoga teacher requires celebration!

Celebrate and get pumped! You’ll need the positive energy because things are about to change: you will no longer be the keen student in the front row – you become the show. This is big. You have the chance to inspire others by embodying the virtues and ethics that your teachers have been offering to you. If you’ve caught a whimpering voice within saying that you aren’t good enough, or your practice isn’t advanced enough, then it’s time to embrace those doubts and toil no longer. You are good enough to do what you love. I should know, I’ve been there too.

So here are my two (three) cents to convince you that you’re definitely ready to become a yoga teacher:

1. You feel many years away from becoming perfect enough to teach.

We are incredibly hard on ourselves and will find a hundred and one reasons to talk ourselves out of teaching, compare ourselves to others and decide we will never be good enough. The beautiful part of being an instructor is riding your emotions with strength and grace so students can learn from your struggles. The challenges presented by our negative thoughts never go away completely. Look at teaching as a chance to bring it all to the table while guiding your students on their way to better self-esteem and inner strength.

2. You feel the time is now to become a teacher.

Something you can’t quite describe has been leading you to this crossroad. The fact alone that you’re considering becoming a teacher shows that you are passionate about yoga and this is the most important thing to have! We love teachers who are passionate about the cause, the way of life and motivating others. Ride the excitement and keep learning.

3. You are dedicated to your asana practice.

Aside from an insatiable passion to share yoga, you show up daily to your mat for self-reflection. As yogis, not only is patience with our emotions important, so is simply exploring the effects of physical poses. We must practice what we preach and remain committed to the path (the yogic virtues and the physical asana). A teacher training usually includes one class per day so if you’re looking forward to that, then that’s a good sign! The best teacher is a keen student.

Whether you decide to step into teaching or remain a devoted student of yoga after completing your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, remember that you will never be perfect. That’s why it’s called a “practice” and there is something to improve everyday – be it attitude or an advanced pose! Be as you are, teacher or student.

“Practice, practice, practice and all is coming.”

BKS Iyengar


Carolyn Anne Budgell

Carolyn Anne Budgell (BA, ERYT 200, Kula 75) loves teaching vinyasa yoga and meditation from a realistic, down-to-earth and humorous perspective in Vancouver, BC. She has an upcoming retreat on the beautiful west coast island of Galiano from Oct 3-5, 2014 as well as on a surf beach in Nicaragua from Nov 22-29, 2014. Carolyn leads Yoga Teacher Trainings with Wanderlust Festival and Lila Vinyasa School of Yoga, has mentored at a teen girl yoga camp to increase female empowerment (Girlvana) and created free online yoga classes as an Ambassador for lululemon. Check out her website here.


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