5 Ways Teachers Can Help Other Teachers

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We’ve all been that new teacher, so excited and eager to teach and grow. For many of us that process has been made more difficult due to lack of conscious teacher mentors. Going through teacher training and having a teacher trainer is simply not enough. In my fifteen years of experience and over 10,000 hours of teaching I have compiled some suggestions on ways we can help each other and encourage a new generation of yoga teachers.

  1. Experienced teacher mentors for newcomer teachers.
    • Become a mentor and make the transition into being a yoga instructor easier for someone else.
    • Take someone under your wing. Proactively reach out to your mentee and offer support, as a newcomer may be intimidated and hesitant to reach out first. Give them an open forum to ask questions.
  1. Share your resources and knowledge. Focus your social media efforts first and foremost on education.
    • Make a free offering. It isn’t simply karma yoga, but overall sharing yoga with the world that makes for a better new yoga teacher population.
    • The best teachers are educators who give freely like Sadie Nardini, Jason Crandell, and Rodney Yee.
  1. Teach fewer classes.
    • We can make huge improvements by reducing teacher burn out.  Too many of us teach too many classes, reducing the quality of each offering. Once remembering your sequencing becomes a challenge, you are only half present; your students deserve a better practice.
    • A sign that you may be teaching too much is when you are too busy to be a student and take class yourself.
  1. Take responsibility for the professionalism of yoga as a career.
    • The more we hold ourselves up to a higher standard of integrity, the more others will appreciate what we do.
    • If we lack professionalism we cannot expect to create a positive universal reputation.
    • Stop expecting Yoga Alliance to have to do it all themselves.
  1. Appreciate each other and ourselves.
    • Put in place a purposely planned self-care program. The more time you make to receive and demonstrate self-love, the easier it is to take a few minutes a week to support and appreciate fellow teachers.
    • This need not be made visible in social media as an effort to appear more yogic. It has to be done quietly without any expectations or motivation for receiving credit.
    • Reach out to a fellow teacher through a thank you email to show them that you see their effort.
    • Use professional language when commenting on social media sites.
    • Make your outreach meaningful and spiritual.
    • ABOVE ALL, take each other’s classes.

Showing up on the mat is one of the easiest ways to show your appreciation for fellow teachers. Let’s make this a yogic (r)evolution of sharing, collaboration, education, professionalism, and appreciation promoted by us as an entire tribe. Let’s not leave anyone out, because as teachers there is an implied belonging to the same tribe. Yoga is, as we know, all-inclusive.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

10 Reasons to Eat Raw During Your Yoga Teacher Training

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Yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience that will require you to find focus, strength and energy if you want to learn, achieve, feel, experience and become your higher self. Being your true self means being devoid of the need to be egotistical, small-minded and petty. Remember that you are part of a much bigger picture that is inextricably connected to all life forms, including nature. Only then do you have the ability to share your knowledge through teaching.

Teaching is the absolute best way to continue this lifelong discovery at an extensive level of depth. It is a natural and likely consequence of a teacher training. In this way, sincere students learn yoga for the correct reasons and become great teachers for the correct reasons.

During a teacher training, help is needed from your teachers, fellow students, inner self, mind and body. One of the strongest tools for helping your body to function well, is eating the correct diet. Raw food has the nourishment and components that supply you with all the necessary energy, vitality and optimal cell reproduction. It helps you to keep going.

Good food has to be pure in order to keep your body healthy and alert, strong and light. Raw food helps your body and mind cope with the intense schedule and inner exploration that the best yoga teacher trainings provide. This also correlates with the first yama: Ahimsa (Ahimsa meaning nonviolence in thought, word and action to yourself and others). This promise to yourself is taken from the Yoga Sutra’s (2.35), the definitive description of yoga recorded and inspired through experiential research. I look at ahimsa as an enlightened commandment.

How Raw Food Will Help You Keep Up With the High Demands of a Yoga Teacher Training

1. Raw food leads your body towards natural health.

By eating raw you are on your way to a state of self-fixing. As the human body has the ability to regenerate cells continuously, having a raw food diet will enable your body to become pure and renewed through the intake of uncooked food.

2. Your body performs better when eating raw.

Eating in this way allows your body to feel agile and manageable. Your digestion uses less energy therefore giving you more vitality for your yoga practice. When you only practice a few times a week this might not be so important for you, but during four or more weeks of intensive training you will need your body in order to keep up with this experience.

3. Your body needs vitamins and minerals.

Raw food is rich in natural vitamins and minerals that are easily digested and absorbed by your body.

4. Raw food increases your awareness mentally, physically and spiritually.

This is important if you want to have the capacity to collect and process all the information given to you.

5. Raw food boosts your natural energy levels

In abundance, so you can rely on it to function at a top level during this extended time.

6. During a life changing experience, changes need to happen in your body too.

The body purifies itself from toxins with a raw food diet. Being clean and unpolluted allows you to reconnect with your true inner self.

7. Eating raw food puts you in a harmony with nature.

Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body). To become a more hale and hearty, happy and sensitive person you need to have a coherent, high functioning body.

8. Food promotes longevity

According to the Bhagavad Gita (xsll.8), saatvic (pure) food promotes longevity, wellbeing, strength, goodness, happiness and pleasure. They are also rich, juicy, agreeable and nourishing.

9. Raw food prepared with an attitude of love increases our prana (life-force energy)

Which is essential if we want to sustain and utilize our maximum amount of effort wisely.

10. Raw food helps to turn your body into a temple for your mind and soul.

According to Patanjali, who wrote the most classical text on yoga, “the purpose of yoga is to lead to a silence of the mind” (yoga sutra 1.2). Through yoga, commitment, patience and compassion for yourself, you can achieve the silence of the mind, the freedom of the soul and joyfulness in your life.

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