Bend and Stretch with Nora Day
1 Season . 9 Episodes

BEND AND STRETCH by Nora Day is designed to bring more ease of movement and greater flexibility through lengthening all corners of the body.

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Bend and Stretch with Nora Day (Preview)

This series will bring a fresh range of motion to daily activity. Through guided stretches and breathwork, you will focus on flexibility in your hamstrings, low back, side body, and upper body. When the body moves with ease, the mind flows with ease. The connection between a calm mind and a bendy body are gracefully balanced to work hand in hand.

Host: Nora Day
Episode 2
28 mins
These seated stretches bring flexibility through breath and movement.
Episode 3
43 mins
This healing flow class is easy on your joints and calming to your mind.
Episode 4
49 mins
Yin Yoga is the practice of holding deep stretches to gain flexibility and awareness in the mind and body.
Episode 5
13 mins
Gentle twists to gain more flexibility in the back and spine.
Episode 6
18 mins
Nurturing stretches to give your low back some TLC.
Episode 7
7 mins
Relax your neck and shoulders for less stress.
Episode 8
13 mins
Easy exercises to release tension in the upper body.
Episode 9
16 mins
A refreshing whole body stretching class.
Episode 10
44 mins
Nora shares some unique stretch variations that will advance your yoga practice.