Elizabeth Eats
Season 2 . 9 Episodes

Join Certified Health Coach and popular food blogger Elizabeth Rider as she shares her favorite recipes that are guaranteed to change the way you think about healthy home cooking.

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Elizabeth Eats (Trailer)
Episode 1
19 mins
Once you’ve tried Pho there’s no going back. In this episode, Elizabeth teaches you how to supercharge this delicious Vietnamese chicken soup by using the same principles of making overnight bone broth with pho-inspired spices.
Episode 2
13 mins
Grab a can of organic coconut milk and prepare to be amazed. Elizabeth will show you how to make decadent (yet healthy!) homemade Red Thai Curry loaded with veggies and chickpeas. The wonders of coconut milk continue as Elizabeth shows you how to make incredible homemade vegan ice cream that is simple and delicious. If you want to learn dairy-free cooking without deprivation, then this episode is for you.
Episode 3
11 mins
Learn how to make restaurant-worthy salmon at home in less than 20 minutes!
Episode 4
13 mins
Calling all almond lovers! Once you try these recipes you’ll never want to get the store-bought versions again.
Episode 5
10 mins
This recipe will feed an army. Make it for your next gathering or as a simple make-ahead meal for your weekly meal plan.
Episode 6
14 mins
No time to cook? No problem. Regardless of your age, budget or kitchen situation, you will love these easy, delicious, and healthy meals.
Episode 7
15 mins
Move over unhealthy hors d'oeuvres, there are new stars in town. Make extras, you’re going to need them.
Episode 8
10 mins
This episode is all about smoothies. Learn Elizabeth’s best tips and tricks to making the best smoothie bar smoothies at home. Bottoms up!
Episode 9
15 mins
Decadent traditional pizza at home—the health coach way! Elizabeth also shows you how to make an uber-healthy zesty kale Caesar salad that pairs perfectly with your Friday Night Pizza!