Mind, Body & Soul Yoga
1 Season . 8 Episodes

Emily Spurling is a yoga teacher and certified Health Coach who facilitates retreats around the World. Emily is an eternal student of yoga globally and is formally trained in Hatha and Vinyasa flow. She has beautifully combined these styles to create her own much-loved yoga experience

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Mind, Body & Soul Yoga (Preview)

In this series, expect a fusion style that is the perfect blend of light and shadow. One flow will have you generating heat and building lean muscle and the next you will be blissing out in a slow, opening and restorative practice.

Classes Include:

Good Morning Flow Harmony Core & Arm Strength Leg Sculpt Soothe Bendy Ground Work

Teacher: Emily Spurling
Episode 1
9 mins
Start your day the right way saluting the sun and warming every part of the body.
Episode 2
12 mins
A fun and challenging balance series to bring strength to the body and harmony to the mind.
Episode 3
11 mins
Anyone from athletes to beginners can benefit from this sequence with the added bonus of sculpted arms!
Episode 4
10 mins
For a whole body workout pair with 'Core & Arm Strength' and cool down with 'Soothe'.
Episode 5
11 mins
A gentle, restorative sequence to release and relieve tired, aching muscles that can be done on its own or is delicious after 'Core & Arm Strength' and 'Leg Sculpt'.
Episode 6
15 mins
This clip will work wonders combined with 'Core & Arm Strength' to help you rebuild the postural muscles and say bye bye to back pain for good!
Episode 7
16 mins
This video will have you feeling loose and supple in no time. Use this stretching sequence to bring flexibility to the back, hips, spine and legs.
Episode 8
11 mins
A seated and lying flow to connect mind, body and breath.