Camino de Santiago: Week Three

Walking the World
S1:Ep352 mins2010

We have come to week three with Chris Newland as he walks the Camino de Santiago as he is just leaving the town of Burgos, in the middle of festival of San Juan and San Pedro. Ahead of Chris lies a long walk through the Alto Meseta, a large stretch of wide open terrain that many walkers fear to tread. Taking nearly a week to cross the sites and locales, in this wide open landscape, do not disappoint. Walking slightly off the beaten path, he comes to San Bol. Perhaps the nicest place he’s stayed in, so far. It is full of music, magic, strangely wonderful people and good times. Chris feels a growing sense of accomplishment as he reaches the small village of Carrion, the half way point of the walk. It is a charming little village with a fascinating history. Closing this week, he arrives in Leon, a bustling city that has been looking after the needs of walkers for over 1,000 years. Join Chris as he continues to explore this ancient trail, traversing Northern Spain, where every turn of a corner leads to a new interesting panorama and challenge.

Featuring: Chris Newland
Video Language: English