Crop Circles: A Modern Mystery

Each year, for more than half a century, mysterious and gigantic traces appear overnight in the farmers’ fields. In English they are called Crop Circles, in French they are called agroglyphs or culture circles. While the majority of these phenomena take place in England, near the mythical site of Stonehenge, we find also find them in Australia, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States and Canada.

The same questions arise over this half century. Who makes these Crop Circles? Why? What is their message? For some, it is without a doubt an extraterrestrial manifestation. For others, an energy coming from another dimension. For the more rational, they are human creations.

This documentary is an investigation into the mysterious phenomenon of Crop Circles, with exclusive images captured by our crews, and fantastic aerial views that reveal all the beauty of these agroglyphs. We follow the impassioned in their quest out in the field, and we reveal the most recent and the diverse analysis in an attempt to explain the mystery of the Crop Circles.

Featuring: Francine Blake, Nils Kenneth Fordal, Michael Glickman, Gary King, Monique Klinkenbergh, Charles Mallett
Audio Languages: English, French
Subtitles: English