Today in the Cleanse: Sugar Challenge

Did you know that sugar is one of the most addictive substances on the planet? Today, remove sugar from your diet. Sugar is hidden in many foods, even in the so-called healthy stuff. Become a label detective to learn where it hides, the forms it takes, and how you can transition away from the sweet stuff.

Cleanse Overview:

Cleanse Packet:

Today’s Yoga Practice: Hot Detox Fusion

How do we cope when the craving monster rears its ugly head? Yoga philosophy teaches that suffering comes from our attachment to our desires and our aversion to feeling pain. To break this cycle of addiction, we can burn the anxious energy in the fire of our yoga practice. Today, Jules takes us through a hot detox fusion class to bring us freedom and relief from our sugar withdrawal. Time to sweat it out!



✓ Drink a Green Smoothie

✓ Drink water

X No sugar

✓ Find 29 minutes to complete today's yoga practice


X No caffeine or alcohol

Instructor/Host: Jules Peláez
Video Language: English