Day 6: Caffeine & Alcohol Challenge

Today in the Cleanse: Caffeine & Alcohol Challenge Today, remove caffeine and alcohol from your diet. We know you’re probably less than thrilled about this one, but your daily rituals of coffee and cocktails do more harm than good. Here are tips for weaning yourself from these stimulants in order to access your body’s natural sources of energy and live a happier, healthier life.

Cleanse Overview: Cleanse Packet:

Today’s Yoga Practice: Cappuccino Kriya A quick Kundalini flow with Zain Saraswati Jamal will get your energy levels up naturally by resetting your nervous system and activating “tapas,” your inner fire. This morning rush will help you bust through your caffeine and alcohol cravings, building your confidence and empowering you to take on any challenge. You’ve got this!

ACTION STEPS Today ✓ Drink a Green Smoothie ✓ Drink Water X No sugar X No caffeine or alcohol ✓ Find 30 minutes to complete today's yoga practice

Tomorrow X No gluten or soy

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