Face Reading (Dr. F. Batmanghelidhj & Rose Rosetree)

Pillars of Health with Christopher Royce
S1:Ep623 mins1998Guest: Dr. F. Batmanghelidhj, Rose Rosetree

Part 1: Dr. F Batmanghelidj talks about the health benefits of drinking water. Not drinking enough water can promote disease and pain in the body. Dehydration creates an imbalance in the body, this imbalance can lead to complication in the body.

Part2: Rose Rosetree, author of The Power of Face Reading, teaches a system of face reading secrets to help people gain an edge in their interactions. Physiognomy, or the study of facial features, suggests there is a very deep connection with the inner nature of a person and their face.

Instructor/Host: Christopher Royce
Featuring: Dr. F. Batmanghelidhj, Rose Rosetree
Video Language: English