After Susan Tong sees her headstrong young brother Jimmy stick his hand in a flame without getting burned, she contacts Laura, who used to baby-sit the two of them and was a Godsend when their parents died. Jimmy has recently joined a street gang…and become obsessed with Chinese mysticism. When Laura tries to talk to Jimmy he erupts in anger then shows her his power – slashing himself with a knife and them healing the wound. Later when Jimmy is confronted by a rival gang member, he defeats the man by summoning up an ancient Chinese warrior. But the warrior-spirit runs amok, killing the gang member. Laura and J.J. piece it together – the same Chinese symbol burned into the forehead of the victim appeared on Jimmy’s hand when he slashed himself. Laura reveals to Jimmy that the symbol is that of Nie Zheng, an ancient assassin who Jimmy is apparently channeling. Jimmy admits he called upon the spirits of his ancestors to give him strength, but had no idea it would end in murder.

Featuring: Shari Belafonte, Carl Marotte
Video Language: English