THE FIRM Cardio Party
Alison Davis Emily Walsh Allie Del Rio Pointer Rebekah Sturkie Annie Lee

Kick your fitness and weight loss program into high gear with the total calorie burn that only 5 The FIRM Master Instructors can deliver! The FIRM Cardio Party is a 40-minute heart-pumping, fat-burning workout designed to burn calories, and shrink your body while having a great time with your favorite The FIRM Master Instructors: Alison Davis, Emily Welsh, Rebekah Sturkie, Annie Lee and Allie Del Rio Pointer. Each Instructor has her own personal, unique style of crafting high energy moves with maximum effectiveness which appeal to all fitness levels.

Host: Alison Davis, Emily Walsh, Allie Del Rio Pointer, Rebekah Sturkie, Annie Lee
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English