Guides and Gurus
S1:Ep1122 mins2007Guest: Cristobal Garcia, Flavia Espanzay, Nicholas

Guatemala is home to the rich healing tradition of the Maya. Cristobal Garcia, a Mayan Priest tells us that Spirituality, in all cultures and religions, is the axis of life, of knowledge, of our relationship with the universe, and our the relationship with that energy that we call God. Unfulfilled with his Christian upbringing, Cristobal felt a strong calling to serve his people with Mayan Spirituality. When she came down with a debilitating illness she learned of her call to healing. She learned that as she learned to heal others, she was healing herself. Join us as we talk with these amazing healers as they share their stories and accomplishments.

Featuring: Cristobal Garcia, Flavia Espanzay, Nicholas
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