Hanumanasana Part 1: A Warm Up

S1:Ep1TutorialsAll Levels-1, 223 mins

Welcome to the five part series with Ashleigh Sergeant leading up to the full splits - hanumanasana. This first video is a gentle yet effective warm up. Full split requires strength and opening for the entire body. Here we begin with opening up the spine and linking movements with breath. Using non-linear and sometimes spontaneous movents this class combines pilates, yoga and other aspects of tactile learning in order to prep the canvas of your body for a giant leap into hanumanasana. (This is a really important part of the series!)

Contraindications: hamstring tears can still participate, but please use caution.To get the most out of this five-week series, we encourage you to practice each sequence several times per week.

Featuring music by Jason Kent

Instructor/Host: Ashleigh Sergeant
Video Language: English