The Later Spread of the Dharma: Saints, Sages and Adepts

Robert A. F. Thurman on Tibet with Robert Thurman
S1:Ep21 hr, 21 mins1999

The charismatic powers of Padmasambhava brought about an unusual degree of teamwork among kings, abbots and monastics, keeping Tibet unified. Buddhism led to a shift in society, as Buddha, unlike Arjuna, steps away from the warrior role. Whereas the warrior tradition valued self-sacrifice and conformity, the monastic institution strengthens individualism in society.

Robert Thurman continues to enliven his talk with stories from Tibet. He speaks about Atisha, who came to Tibet in the 11th century to unite the three styles of Buddhism there. We learn about the great teacher Marpa and his renowned student Milarepa, who was the first Tibetan to attain Buddhahood one lifetime.

Instructor/Host: Robert Thurman
Video Language: English