Let's Play House

Beyond Reality
S1:Ep3624 mins1993Guest: Shari Belafonte, Carl Marotte

Robert “Wally” Wallace loves the Fifties – so much so that whenever he hears the song “Sea of Love” he transports himself into an Ozzie and Harriet style Fifties world. When Celia inadvertently joins him in his fantasy universe, Wally sees her as Donna, his perfect Fifties wife, and is determined to keep her in his dream world forever. To rescue Celia, Laura and J.J. must also enter Wally’s world, taking on various comical Fifties personae of their own (maid, beatnik, civil defense worker, FBI man) in order to break Wally’s grip on the universe and return them to reality.

Featuring: Shari Belafonte, Carl Marotte
Video Language: English