For centuries, the Chinese have associated vibrant health and longevity with both abundant kidney Qi and strong libido. In terms of Chinese medicine in fact, sexual development is linked to the kidney energy – so, improving the health of your kidneys often means increasing the strength of your libido.

Anyway, for as long as humans have been having sex, they've been trying to get in the mood – or get their partners in the mood. In terms of oriental medicine, diet is critical to the restoration of strong libido. If your libido is on the weak side, you can bet it has something to do with your dietary choices!

Food facts: Statistics show that one in ten Australian men are completely unable to achieve an erection at all.

Set of Four Medicinal Dishes to Treat Low Libido: Chicken Soup with Oysters; Kidney Abalone; Longevity Noodles; Duck Soup.

Instructor/Host: Geoffrey Wilson
Video Language: English